A team of audience experts to boost your brand exposure.


Combining insight and advertising.

At OPEN Media, we know that out of home advertising is more than putting a brand on a screen, it’s about bringing a brand to life.

Our portfolio of large-format digital out of home advertising screens and premium banners are offered alongside our in-depth knowledge of the audiences they reach. This means that we can consult with our brands to create a campaign that is completely targeted and highly successful.

It was so easy to work with OPEN Media to launch our campaign, we hope opportunities arise in the future to continue to work together.

Our philosophy.

We connect our brands with their target audience by being audience experts. As active participants in the communities we work in, we know what makes these communities tick and we prove this by supporting causes that matter to them.

We value our relationships and work tirelessly to build and maintain them. This mindset is present throughout our work, both through our work in local communities and with media planners and advertisers.

Our Directors.

Mike Smith

For Mike, OPEN’s culture is its greatest asset, and he works to cultivate and grow this every single day. In his role as managing director, Mike develops both the business and the people of OPEN, with the ultimate goal of creating an organisation that empowers the people who work there and the brands that they work with.

Through Mike’s leadership, OPEN Media has devoted time, energy and resources to supporting a number of campaigns and causes, including the Tyred campaign, Liverpool Pride and homeless charity The Whitechapel Centre.

Jon Stephenson

Jon’s wealth of experience in media and advertising is demonstrated through his knowledge of the industry and his never-ending interest in where the out of home advertising world is going next. With previous experience at Barclays, Guardian News and Media and Bauer Media, Jon has a unique perspective of how advertising has shifted and the impact that has had on the advertising industry.

In his role as a commercial director, Jon is in constant communication with advertisers and brands, making connections and developing our current client base.


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