Shaping the future of out-of-home

Innovate, resonate, elevate: Crafting unforgettable out of home experiences

As part of our mission to shape out of home advertising, we’re committed to innovating the ways in which we carry campaigns. We’re here to take your brand to the next level through our out of home advertising excellence, from Open Perspectives’ exciting 3D capabilities to Uniled’s transparent processes, and Admobilize’s sophisticated optimisation software.

Our ground-breaking Open Connect network has 21 large-format screens positioned in high-growth cities with youthful populations, significant tourism, multiple universities, and premium high-street retail areas. It’s a gateway into diverse and incremental audiences – reaching up to five million every two weeks. With more than 50% of Open Connect sites  now featuring full-motion capabilities, we invite you to join us in reshaping the potential of location-based advertising.

Open Media Perspective offers an incredible chance to produce unforgettable 3D campaigns, and we firmly believe it represents the future of digital out-of-home advertising. Proven to be more effective than traditional static copy, these campaigns achieve heightened attention, ad recall, and recognition. Accessible across our entire full-motion portfolio, Open Media Perspective provides an exciting and unexpected avenue for reaching consumers.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with AdMobilize, we have the tools to precisely measure audience and traffic flows around our sites. This cutting-edge software enables real-time, detailed and sophisticated audience tracking and fully optimises our DOOH advertising measurements.

Our partnership with UniLED and their UniLIVE Hub brings transparency to the forefront. New playout reports cover key metrics like power consumption per site/per campaign, plays per hour, impacts per day/per region. Through our display verification portal with Uniled & Rapportal, every campaign gets verified for accurate display. Clients can trust their ads are shown on time, on the right screen, with ongoing monitoring. This means transparent campaigns and maximum value for every client, every time.

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