B-Corp - Moving Forward

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to building a better world. The privilege of achieving B Corp certification demonstrates our unwavering dedication to advancing across the five key pillars that B Corp Businesses are assessed: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. Our journey is ongoing, and we aspire to motivate and lead by example every step of the way.


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we achieved a score of 84.2, much higher than average


Trees planted

To put it in to perspective, we began the process in May 2021 and gained our B Corp certification in 2022. The process was long and intensive, assessing all aspects of the business against 5 pillars to ensure only the highest performing companies could gain certification. The threshold being at least 80 points. Although the process was time consuming the opportunity to reflect on our working practices was welcomed and has allowed us to put into practice policies which have and will continue to change the way we work and is embedded into our decision making going forward.


At Open Media, we achieved a score of 84.2 – with the average companies score when applying being 50.9 . The first pillar to pass is the workers’ section. This element really resonated with us and is the main reason we set off on our B Corp journey. It involved looking at the contributors to our team’s financial security, health and wellness initiatives, career development, and overall engagement.

Given that our team is our strongest asset, this is one sector we felt confident in. It was in fact our highest scoring sector of the assessment reflecting our commitment to policies such as providing all staff with paid volunteering and wellness days every quarter, along with access to personal development funds.  This accomplishment underscores our dedication to fostering a workplace that prioritises the well-being and growth.

B Corp Impact Score

This is just the beginning…

To become the first B Corp-certified media owner in the UK & Europe an amazing achievement. One we’re all incredibly proud of. Our hope is that this milestone inspires others in the industry to embrace social and environmental responsibility. For Open Media Media, this is just the beginning of our B Corp journey. Since our certification, we’ve actively supported fellow businesses on their B Corp journey. Lauren Williams proudly serves as our B Local Chair, showcasing our commitment to fostering a global community. We will constantly be working to improve ourselves and make the industry a better place. Join us on this exciting journey, where positive change is not just a goal but a shared mission.