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Advertising campaigns now appear in our day to day life in every way we turn, whether TV, radio, print or OOH, they are sure to reach some sort of audience at any point in time, and audience measurement is an important factor when looking at both the potential effectiveness and actual effectiveness of a campaign.

Accurate audience measurement data is imperative as it allows advertisers to plan effective and efficient campaigns. Within OOH, audiences are measured by impacts; which are counted by individuals seeing each advert once. Impressions are also used as a means of audience measurement, which relate to a measurement of response from an ad server.

Over the course of the Euro 2020 tournament in 2021, we partnered with AbMobilize and Uniled to install an audience measurement camera onto our Wembley Boxpark site. The data which came back was incredible, recording a massive 579,000 impressions on the day of the final.

The software installed tracks audience measurement in real-time, using a camera to capture those walking past and looking at the screen, meaning we were able to view audience impressions in a matter of seconds. Not only this but the software is also able to measure gender and emotion of said passersby, allowing for a more granular level of data collection.

Earlier this year OPEN Media again installed a permanent AdMobilize camera on our Wembley Boxpark site. With a busy summer of sporting and music events ahead, we wanted to accurately track our audiences, as well as discover how the area looking like in terms of audiences during a normal day-to-day.

Wembley Boxpark is situated on the bustling Wembley Way, in close proximity to one of the most iconic venues in the world, Wembley Stadium, as well as just a stones throw from the Wembley OVO Arena making it a hive of activity.

Boasting footfall from not only the stadium and arena, Boxpark also benefits from footfall from the nearby London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park station (with passenger numbers of over 16 million annually) as well as through traffic, various stores, restaurants, hotels and residential areas, resulting in our Boxpark site being a truly year-round destination.

AdMobilize offered us a plethora of interesting data to be discovered on the site and below we take a look at what our first three months looks like for our Wembley Boxpark site and AdMobilize…


Gathering the data from the site from the past three months has allowed us to measure our Boxpark site like never before. We are now aware of not only how many individuals are in front of our site, but also now have an accurate idea of what times they are there, what days of the week, their gender, emotions and much much more.


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