Case Study – OPEN Partner with AdMobilize & UniLED for Euro 2020.

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OPEN x AdMobilize


OPEN are proud to announce a new partnership with AdMobilize & UniLED, who fitted the first camera to our Boxpark Wembley site this summer, just in time for the phenomenal Euro 2020 tournament.


The software enabled us to track and measure the audience in real-time, in a much more detailed and sophisticated way than ever before. This strategic partnership with AdMobilize provided us with the facilities to assist brands in optimising & tailoring their campaigns, as well as effectively understanding the reaction and results to their creative.

  • AdMobilize software installed onto our Boxpark screen to track audience measurement in real-time.
  • A camera captured those walking past the screen and we were able to view audience impacts instantly. 
  • This meant the data we are collecting was more granular, and allowed us to offer more in-depth data for post-campaign analysis. This data was then layered over the current figures provided by Route to provide a more up-to-date and detailed impact figure.
  • The camera can also decipher between male and female passersby, and even determine the emotions of viewers, as well as the gaze-through rate & attention time. 

We recorded 579,000 impressions on the day of the Final, making the Wembley site one of the most impactful in the country. It played host to a plethora of great campaigns, from the likes of Heineken, Volkswagen and Adidas. 

OPEN x AdMobilize


We had these cameras live for a total of 7 matches across June & July, including all of England’s group matches, as well as both semi-finals and the grand final itself, recording some impressive total impacts figures.

18th June – England vs Scotland – 106,000

22nd June – England vs Czech Republic – 194,000

26th June – England vs Austria – 209,000

29th June – England vs Germany – 291,000

6th July- Italy vs Spain – 261,000

7th July – England vs Denmark – 357,000

11th July – England vs Italy – 579,000

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