It’s back! The new football season is upon us…

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The Premier League is back…


… and along with it contrasting opinions about new signings, title challengers, relegation candidates and most divisively new rules (VAR) – the less said about that the better!

One thing that’s not up for debate however is out of home advertising outside of stadiums on a match-day remains one of the most effective ways to target a massive amount of people who all share specific demographics including their interests and habits.

A recently published research report by Route compiled digital out of home consumption in relation to English, Scottish and Women’s Premier League, and depicted this data using a league table format in fitting with the theme.


When the focus shifts to large format screens, a very similar pattern emerges. Just over a third of the population (36%) see large digital screens on a weekly basis but this rises to 52% for the EPL” 

On the whole, the EPL towns performed better in relation to providing digital coverage, however surprisingly both Manchester teams are near the foot of the table. This could be down to any number of reasons, but the data suggests that Manchester provides only 71.2 points of digital coverage, in comparison to London based clubs who averaged around 99.

This data demonstrates that Manchester football fans are not engaging with digital out of home as much as those based in London, which highlights the importance and effectiveness of sites such as Hotel Football.

We partnered with Sky Sports to welcome in the 2019/20 season, displaying their ‘New Season, New Dreams’ campaign on our two Hotel Football screens outside the iconic Old Trafford for their first game of the season against Chelsea.

These sites are providing the unique opportunity to engage with Manchester United & away supporters outside the ground, one of the largest and most well attended stadiums in the country. On a single match day, these screens could impact up to 128,000 people, when factoring in the fans walking to the stadium and those people driving past the roadside screen.

Although we’re still in September, we’re looking ahead to a massive summer at Wembley as London part-hosts the UEFA European Championships – with 4 matches scheduled to take place here, including two semi-finals and the final itself.

Our Boxpark site, situated right on Wembley Way, offers a unique opportunity to capture an international audience who will be dwelling all day basking in the carnival atmosphere outside the home of English football.

We’re looking forward to another exciting season of football, as well as delivering quality out of home campaigns to the fans in attendance.