Why OOH advertising is perfect for entertainment campaigns.

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Entertainment can take many forms. Whether you subscribe to Netflix or Amazon PrimeVideo, whether you listen to your music on Spotify or whether you are the first to see the latest releases in the cinema, most of us consume some form of entertainment one way or another.

Out of home advertising reaches approximately 98% of the UK population at least once per week and in particular has the ability to conjure up emotive reactions from those who see it and in turn, can become a massive PR opportunity for a brand. The use of data within OOH is becoming more and more prevalent as it helps reach consumers more effectively and doing so, ‘speaks to them’. Data-driven OOH can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

By the end of 2020, 17 million households in the UK subscribed to a video-on-demand service with Netflix being the most popular, followed by Amazon PrimeVideo. As we can see, entertainment is a massive industry which is growing quickly, and with other subscription services such as Disney Plus and Hulu vying for a piece of the pie, it is majorly important that ad campaigns reach as many prospective customers as possible in order for them to compete. 

It’s not just VOD that is seeing an impressive growth either. Before the pandemic, the film industry had bounced back over the past few years with over £176m worth of cinema admissions in 2019 and digital entertainment share, including music and gaming, is up by more than 60% from 2010. 


Looking forward, the UK entertainment and media revenue is due to hit £87.9bn by 2025. Mark Maitland from PwC UK stated that “UK consumers’ rapid migration to digital behaviours in the pandemic has become embedded in their day-to-day lives, helping sustain overall growth across entertainment and media for the coming five years.” With the industry getting bigger and better, it is imperative that entertainment brands include out of home within their planning and buying strategies to obtain the biggest reach possible. 

Well-executed entertainment advertising will generate brand awareness and in turn monetise said interest, and with endless creative possibilities in OOH advertising, brands can grab audience attention in an impactful way to create a real buzz around their campaign. 

A great example of an impactful campaign is from Spotify and their annual ‘Spotify Wrapped’ campaign. Their eye-catching and creative copy resonated with viewers and was hugely successful. Spotify reportedly saw downloads of the app increase by an impressive 21% in in the first week of December. 

By showcasing an entertainment campaign in a strategically placed location with OPEN, a brand has the chance to hit a wide range of audiences. Indexing high with both Millennials and Gen Z who are reported to be the biggest generations of content consumers, OPEN presents the opportunity to reach thousands of people within this key audience. 

Check out some of our favourite entertainment campaigns below: