OPEN appoints Chief Revenue Officer.

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We’re pleased to be announcing the promotion of Fiona Ravlic to Chief Revenue Officer. Fiona has 19 years of experience in the out of home industry and she has had a pivotal role in the accelerated growth of OPEN Media during the pandemic.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Fiona will continue to lead and inspire, oversee both regional and national sales teams and work on the sales strategy to help the continuing growth of the business. She will be responsible for the company’s revenue streams and leveraging knowledge of the roles both sales and marketing play in driving growth.

We are so pleased to announce the promotion of Fiona Ravlic as our new Chief Revenue Officer at OPEN. This is great news for OPEN, as well as promising news for the industry.


It’s rare you see women within these positions in media, but times are changing and we couldn’t be happier. We have a lot of exciting plans and networks in the pipeline and we are super excited to be executing them with a great team!

Mike Smith

Managing Director

Since joining OPEN Media in October 2019, it was my vision to grow the team and profile of the brand, which despite the pandemic I have managed to do.


I am thrilled to be driving the business forward and accelerating the growth of OPEN Media in London and across the regions. I am really excited for the future of OPEN Media and delighted to be such a big part of it.

Fiona Ravlic

Chief Revenue Officer