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Open Perspective


Our latest 3D DOOH scale-based campaign for Maybelline has just concluded on a selection of our full-motion sites. For us, this campaign was an Open first and provided an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the ground-breaking capabilities of out-of-home and the endless possibilities it can now provide for brands to create truly memorable campaigns.

The creative centred around the launch of their brand new mascara, and featured the debut of the brands first-ever avatar, May, who is seen alongside global ambassador Gigi Hadid in this unique campaign that merges together the real and the virtual worlds.

As can be seen below, what seems to be an ordinary piece of 2D copy suddenly comes to life, and May can be seen visibly emerging from the screen to present Maybelline’s latest product to those passing below.

3D digital out-of-home campaigns are quickly emerging as the ‘new wave’ in advertising. They step outside the box of traditional billboard advertising and open a new door of creative possibilities for both brands and consumers. With these capabilities now available across the entirety of our full-motion portfolio, combined with emerging case studies proving how successful these campaigns can be in regards to attention and recall, we’re anticipating many more creatives of this kind to be hitting our screens soon!

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Open Perspective is available across the entirety of our full-motion portfolio, and providing the capability of showing “3D Content” can provide campaigns with an exciting and unexpected way of reaching consumers.

3D activations have been proven to be much more effective than traditional static copy, achieving greater levels of attention, ad recall and recognition too.

The Perspective networks offers an amazing opportunity to create some lasting memories of unforgettable campaigns, and in a time when advertisers are fighting for the attention of consumers, 3D is proving to be an essential part of any marketing plan.

Open Perspective

Available across all of our full-motion large format sites (8 screens total):
– Central Station Internal (x2)
– Coventry
– Hull
– Newcastle Metrocentre
– Newcastle Haymarket
– The Moor Sheffield
– Hotel Football Manchester (x2)
– Boxpark (event days)

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Open Perspective