OPEN Media: Paving the way in Sports Activation.

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Sports marketing is something we as consumers see daily. Its long history can be traced back to the 1870’s and during this time it has grown increasingly prolific. There are many ways for a sports brand to convey their ad campaign but it is argued that none is more effective than Out of Home. 

OOH can provide a unique opportunity for brands to engage with fans before a sports game and catches them in an excited and receptive mood. An outdoor campaign is the perfect opportunity to display an impactful campaign which catches the all-important consumer attention. 

After the pandemic bringing all in-person sports matches to a halt, millions of fan in the UK have been eager to watch their beloved teams in action and it was reported that 97% of sports fans were planning to attend an event again, a perfect opportunity to reveal a brand new campaign! 


UK Sports Sponsorship is valued at an estimated £2bn, with Football being the most popular sport to both watch and spectate in the country. It is estimated that 45% of the UK population are football fans and in 2019, the aggregate attendance of football matches in all leagues reached 32.89 million! The average premier league fan is reported to spend an estimated £1,888 on watching football per season which is the highest spend in Europe. 

Sport and OOH campaigns go hand in hand as similarly to sports audiences, OOH audiences are particularly characterised by their active mindset. Not only this, they are both receptive to their environment and are open to interacting with relevant content. 


Our Large-Format Digital Stadium portfolio includes; 2 screens situated on the building of the famous Hotel Football in Manchester and BoxPark Wembley, proudly situated outside of Old Trafford and Wembley Stadium respectively. We also offer two amazing banner opportunities on Hotel Football and outside of  the iconic Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. 

Our Hotel Football screens are placed on the north and south facade of the building, with both screens being visible to thousands of supporters on match days, as well as visitors to the nearby events space and retail park. To complement our two Hotel Football screens, we have an additional opportunity on match days to dominate the full facade of the the building with a massive vinyl banner. This is the perfect opportunity to create further impact with your campaign and reach thousands of fans who are attending the match. See below the breathtaking Nike campaign which celebrated Ronaldo’s first match back after signing to Manchester United. 

Placed on the main thoroughfare leading to the biggest and most iconic venue in the UK is our one-of-a-kind BoxPark Wembley screen. The site impacts thousands of fans and visitors on event days and alongside this, commuters using Wembley Way Tube Station, visitors to BoxPark and shoppers to London Designer Outlet. This year for the Euro 2020 tournament, Adidas captured the attention of the thousands of spectators with their striking campaign, Impossible is Nothing. 

Finally, situated on the doorstep of one of the UK’’s most iconic football stadiums, our Anfield banner offers the opportunity for brands to reach 55,000 fans on match days, the all-important local traffic and also tourists visiting the stadium.

Whilst all of our stadium sites offer impressive footfall or traffic counts day-to-day, it is important to acknowledge the increase of impacts when match days are taking place. Earlier this year we teamed up with AdMobilize to fit our first camera to our BoxPark site with the aim to research how much footfall increase for our screen at during this years Euro 2020 tournament. 

The software allowed us to track and measure the audience in real-time, decipher between male and female passersby and even discover attention time, offering complete transparency of our audience. The cameras were live for 7 matches across June and July and in total, recorded an impressive 3 million impressions during this time, cementing the fact that Wembley is one of the most impactful sites in the country. These results really do demonstrate the potential power of OOH during sports events! Considering this and combining place-based and contextualised media, brands have an enormous opportunity to capture the attention of sports fans.