Swedish House Mafia on OPEN Media’s Liverpool City Centre Screens

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A Perfect Example of Effective Out of Home Advertising…

Swedish House Mafia on Barratt House 


Swedish House Mafia are causing a stir in Liverpool with their ambiguous copy on our city centre digital screens.

The infamous trio are harnessing the power of out of out of home advertising to build hype about their 2019 activity, after news of their reunion broke out last month. So far, it appears that the advert is popping up in locations where SHM will be playing next year.

The out of home advertising copy that the band are using to generate speculation simply features a white background with the SHM black three dot logo (pictured above). It is simple and effective and has caused a lot of people to stop and reach for their smartphone, take pictures and upload to social media, asking: “What does this mean? Are SHM coming to the city?!”

So, what does this mean for Liverpool? There have been no announcements to date but with the instantly recognisable copy circulating around the city there is a lot of reason for fans to get excited… Will Liverpool be welcoming SHM in 2019? One thing we do know is that this is a brilliant example of using out of home advertising to get people talking and create hype, fulfilling the purpose of what an out of home advertisement is designed to do.

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