Case Study – The Whitechapel Centre

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OPEN Media and The Whitechapel Centre Team Up to Raise Awareness of Homelessness in Liverpool City Centre

At OPEN Media we have teamed up with Liverpool’s leading homeless and housing charity, The Whitechapel Centre, to raise awareness and encourage support for the region’s homeless population.

We’ll be giving The Whitechapel Centre free advertising space on our Liverpool City Centre digital outdoor advertising screens, Victoria Street, Central Station and Barratt House, which the centre has used to promote numerous campaigns such as ‘Always Room Inside’ which aims to ensure that no person arriving on the streets of Liverpool will sleep outdoors for more than one night. OPEN Media supports this vision by displaying copy on their city centre screens that includes a phone number to call if you’re worried about a rough sleeper.


At Open Media we’re thrilled to be collaborating with The Whitechapel Centre. The centre is an asset to the city and we’re great admirers of the work carried out by its employees and volunteers. We want to help support Liverpool’s homeless population and see this as a great opportunity for us to use our Liverpool City Centre screens for a very worthy cause.

Mike Smith

Managing Director at Open Media

For 365 days a year The Whitechapel Centre helps people who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. The number of those needing help is rising year-on-year, with an 119% increase from 2011. What’s more, the majority of people who The Whitechapel Centre provides support to have additional support needs; 67% with mental health, 65% with managing money and 57% with alcohol and drug use.

We’re very grateful to OPEN Media for partnering with us and donating free advertising space to promote The Whitechapel Centre. As winter approaches we’re working hard to ensure that anyone who’s rough sleeping knows that there’s ‘Always Room Inside’.  Advertising in the heart of the city could save lives this winter, we encourage members of the public to save our number in their phone and call us anytime they’re concerned about someone sleeping rough on the streets of Liverpool.

Ruth McCaughley

Fundraising Manager at The Whitechapel Centre

We’re eager to see the impact that outdoor advertising will have on helping the Liverpool region’s homeless population and are very pleased to announce that we’ll be partnering long-term to support The Whitechapel Centre’s important cause.